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Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy

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MTR uses the healing and therapeutic power of horses to improve the balance, strength, muscle tone, self-image, self-confidence, and quality of life for individuals with special needs. Equine-assisted therapy is fundamentally different from other forms of therapy because it utilizes the three-dimensional movement of the horse to mirror movement in the human body. It is also effective because it connects the physical, psychological and spiritual elements of healing. Utilizing certified instructors, licensed therapists, volunteers and specially-trained horses, MTR's year-round programs include Therapeutic Riding which focuses on teaching riding skills and Equine Learning which utilizes horsemanship lessons for those interested in learning skills related to horse health and care, handling, barn maintenance, and equine body language. In addition, we offer Hippotherapy which is a physcial, occupational, or speech and language therapy treatment that takes place while riding. Instructor training is also offered. As a premier accredited center of PATH, MTR operates under professionally-designed safety and therapeutic standards. Each therapeutic riding session is conducted using certified PATH instructors.

What MTR does is best illustrated by the results our client's experience each day in our program. For example:

  • A parent of a child with cerebral palsy saw their child dismount from a 1,200 pound horse, take their first steps and speak their first words.
  • A young adult with autism struggling with a lack of self-confidence smiled when he picked up his reins to guide a horse independently around the arena.
  • An adult rider coping with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis experiences relief in her legs from the degenerative neuromuscular effects of her disease.

Session Offerings

Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy are organized on a session schedule that varies each year. Each session lasts between four and eight weeks depending upon the time of the year. Please see the MTR calendar. Availability of times for riding depend upon the availability of instructors, therapists, and horses. Please see the rider section of this website for additional enrollment information. We offer approximately 3,500 riding hours each year.





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